Frontline Music Militia | Record label for both underground and main stream music


fmm-largeFrontline originally started out in 1999 by Chris Styles and Fantasy and it was called, “Frontline Entertainment.” They went on to release many CD’s and recorded countless tracks for other artist like Tito Puente Jr., Carlos Santana and Lenny Kravtiz to name a few. Then in 2012 Frontline did some recalobrating and changed their name to “Frontline Music Militia” which formed a partnership with and Coda Music. 

This year FMM plans to release 5 new CDs, a new clothes line (casual and custom athletic wear), general merchandise and will provide ASCAP and BMI publishing and copyright services as well leasing beats on their new website. 

In the future, FMM plans on forming a 50/50 partnership with any other aspiring artist trying to get their music placed in television and film as well as provide Glass Mastering service at an afforadable price.