Steven aka S-2-Da-V

I can remember being 13 and listening to old school rappers jamming to each verus that was said each powerful chorus that came behind each song. I knew that I wanted to be such an influence that they were for me. Being the only man in my family I felt like I needed to stand out to be something meaningful in this life. The most joy I feel is when im writing making beats and performing. Being in front of people performing gives me the most overwhelming power that makes me believe this is what I know I was made for. No stage fright can ever hold back my dreams. Im 27 now with no children and that gives me the oppurtinuty to put my full attention and seriousness into my music.

I want to make a change thru my music that generations to come will always remember. Making money off of doing what I love to do, is only a bonus. Life would suck without good music.

I’ll never let it go and I’ll never give up.