Soul Train


Soul Train

Soul Train

Lionel Woodard aka Soul Train

Was born April 4, 1982 in Indianapolis, IN. Since birth his parents noticed he had a love for music as he would be rocking to the beat or trying to sing the song before he could even form words. Knowing this, he was signed up for the Children’s Choir in Mt. Zion Baptist Church, “My dad loves jazz and influenced me to learn from singers like Nat “King” Cole, Billy Eckstine, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and so many more” he says, “My mom’s side is full of musically gifted people as well” he also mentioned. In 2003, he moved to Hawaii where he sang on a locally televised singing competition named Hawaii Stars.

While there, he also helped form a band named Mixed Nutz that performed all over the island and cut an album that was reviewed in the local newspaper.

“This was my first band ever! I was so excited to create music and then have it recorded in a professional sound-proof booth and everything” he mentioned.

From 2006 to present, Soultrain has made Arizona his home. There he helped form a band The CoZ(Citizens of Zamoomba), whose style ranges from R&B, Soul, Pop, and Hip-hop. In February of 2012, The CoZ opened for WAR at Celebrity Theatre.

“I’ve never seen a crowd so big. At first, I thought they wouldn’t cheer cause they hadn’t heard of us, but as soon as they introduced us and we walked out on stage, there were 1,200 folks screaming and cheering us on”, he said when asked by fellow musicians.

Soultrain is one of the most versatile artists around with amazing stage presence to boot. Not only can he sing lead, he can sing/create hooks, sing back-up and harmonize within a group. Besides being an artist for Frontline Music Militia, Soul Train is Second Lieutentant of DJ Pools.

So be on the lookout cause The SoulTrain could be at a station near you!!!